COM\ Port

Communication Port

Dictionary of English abbreviation. 2013.

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  • com|port — com|port1 «kuhm PRT, POHRT», verb, noun. –v.t. to conduct (oneself) in a certain manner; behave: »A judge should comport himself with dignity. –v.i. to agree (with); suit: »Silliness does not comport with the position of judge. SYNONYM(S): accord …   Useful english dictionary

  • COM port —    In MS DOS and Microsoft Windows, the device name used to denote a serial communications port. In versions of MS DOS after 3.3, four COM ports are supported: COM1, COM2, COM3, and COM4. Earlier versions support only COM1 and COM2 …   Dictionary of networking

  • COM-Port — Steckerleiste Der Begriff EIA 232, ursprünglich RS 232, bezeichnet einen Standard für eine serielle Schnittstelle, die in den frühen 1960ern von einem US amerikanischen Standardisierungskomitee (heute EIA – Electronic Industries Alliance)… …   Deutsch Wikipedia

  • com·port — …   Useful english dictionary

  • com|port|ance — «kuhm PR tuhns, POHR », noun. Obsolete. comportment …   Useful english dictionary

  • com|port|ment — «kuhm PRT muhnt, POHRT », noun. behavior; personal bearing. SYNONYM(S): demeanor, deportment …   Useful english dictionary

  • COM port redirector — A COM port redirector is a specialized software (often including device driver and user application) that includes the underlying network software necessary to access networked device servers that provide remote serial devices or modems. Contents …   Wikipedia

  • com·port·ment — /kəmˈpoɚtmənt/ noun [noncount] formal : the way in which someone behaves the comportment of a gentleman …   Useful english dictionary

  • Port of Boston — Long Wharf in downtown Boston, once the main commercial wharf within the port, but now used by ferries and cruise boats. Location Country …   Wikipedia

  • Port Washington, Wisconsin — Port Washington is a city in and the county seat of Ozaukee County in the U.S. state of Wisconsin. It is about 25 miles north of Milwaukee and some 110 miles north of Chicago. In the 2000 census Port Washington had a population of 12,238 people.… …   Wikipedia

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