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Dictionary of English abbreviation. 2013.

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  • ERIT — sigla Ente Riscossione Imposte e Tasse …   Dizionario italiano

  • Sh'erit ha-Pletah — (Hebrew: שארית הפליטה, literally: The Surviving Remnant) is a biblical (First Chronicles 4:43) term used by Jewish survivors of the Nazi Holocaust to refer to themselves and the communities they formed following their liberation in the spring of… …   Wikipedia

  • SHE'ERIT HA-ḤAZZAN — (12th century), paytan and poet in Egypt. There are several piyyutim in manuscript signed She erit, which does not necessarily mean that all belong to the same author. A paytan named She erit ha Levi is known, and another named She erit ha Ḥazzan …   Encyclopedia of Judaism

  • Si qua sede sedes, et erit tibi commoda sedes:… — См. Ладно уселся, так сиди …   Большой толково-фразеологический словарь Михельсона (оригинальная орфография)

  • Non conveniens omnibus, omnis erit. — См. На весь свет не угодишь …   Большой толково-фразеологический словарь Михельсона (оригинальная орфография)

  • Si alteram talem victoriam reportavero, mea erit pernicies. — См. Победа Пирра …   Большой толково-фразеологический словарь Михельсона (оригинальная орфография)

  • Felix criminibus nullus erit diu. — См. Чужое добро впрок нейдет …   Большой толково-фразеологический словарь Михельсона (оригинальная орфография)

  • cujus juris (i.e., jurisdictionis??) est principals, ejusdem juris erit accessorium — /kyuwjas juras est prinsapeyliy, iyjasdam juras ehrat aeksasoriyam/ An accessory matter is subject to the same jurisdiction as its principal …   Black's law dictionary

  • non erit alia lex Roms, alia Athaenis; alia nunc, alia posthac; sed et omnes gentes, et omni tempore, una lex, et sempiterna, et immortalis continebit — /non ehrat eyliya leks rowmiy, eyliya afliynas, eyliya nagk, eyliya powsthaek; sed et omniyz jentiyz et omnay tempariy yuwna leks, et sempatarna et imorteylas, kontaniybat/ There will not be one law at Rome, another at Athens; one law now,… …   Black's law dictionary

  • poena non potest, culpa perennis erit — /piyna non powtast, kalpa parenas ehrat/ Punishment cannot be, crime will be, perpetual …   Black's law dictionary

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